You May Be Reluctant to Embrace Technology If…

You May Be Reluctant to Embrace Technology If…

We all embrace technology at our own pace, especially if we’ve been around more than a few decades. We’ve all witnessed toddlers embrace technology faster than we can imagine, but may not realize our own reluctance to embrace it. Here are signs that you may be reluctant to embrace technology.

You Write Checks at the Grocery Store.

Look, it is still alright to send a paper check to the electric company from the privacy of your home, but it is time to stop writing checks in public when people are waiting in line behind you. Get (and use) a debit card. Please.

You Use a Handwritten Grocery List

We understand the old refrigerator shopping list is a tradition, but what about the items you remember to buy when you are not at home? Keep a shopping list on your phone that evolves. You are less likely to run out of needed items and won’t forget your list at home.

You Check Your Mail Box Everyday

Technology-efficient people get little paper mail. They pay bills online, rarely get catalogs and generally get little mail of importance in their mail box. If you are not transitioning to online payments, you should be. Untying yourself from your mail box can be liberating.

You Still Clip Coupons

Virtually every printed coupon is available online, through an app, or in some other digital form. It is just a matter of making the long overdue transition to smartphones and digital technology. Just remember the looks you will be avoiding from the people in the check-out line behind you.

The Only Social Media You Use Is Facebook

You can no longer be proud to be socially active online if you are just on Facebook. Sure, it may make you feel connected, but so does a CB radio.

Watching the Weather on TV is Destination Viewing

You know the weather report is available at any moment, anywhere on your smartphone, right? The right app can tell you almost to the minute when it will rain right where you are located. Television weather has to cover a large area. Your own weather app can personalize the weather where you live.

You’ve Been Inside a Bank More Than Twice in the Last Month

Unless you work there or have other personal or business reasons to physically visit a bank, what is the point? Everything you want to accomplish, you can pretty much do online. We are not sure even the tellers want to be there.

Don’t let old habits hold you back. Contact one of our independent insurance agents to get an updated quote on your automobile, home, life, or business insurance. Comparing is the most efficient way to save money on your personal and business insurance. We look forward to assisting you!

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